Our Values

What We Value

For over 40 years we have always considered ourselves to be fiduciaries and treated our clients accordingly – long before the term became fashionable.

We believe everyone who is serious about saving and doing the best for their financial situation deserves the help they desire. 

In our experience a client’s attitude, desire and commitment to doing the most with what they have is the greatest predictor of success.

What We Value

No Minimums

We’ve chosen as a firm to work with clients of all financial means – whether $1,000.00 or $10,000,000.00. We seek to work with individuals possessing the drive and discipline to strive for great rewards.

Service & Fee Options that fit your needs

We offer service to all clients of varied monetary needs and stages which is why we offer a tiered service and compensation schedule.

The "80/20" Rule

Known  as the "Parato Principle."  Absent winning the lottery, success in becoming work optional is 80% due to saving and 20% due to returns. 
If you are chasing returns, or expecting miracles, we may not be the right fit for you.

Eliminate Ambiguity

We believe it creates mismatched expectations, and leads to dysfunctional working relationships. As such, we believe client education to be an essential part of the relationship.  Our job is not to make your decisions for you, but to provide you the information, education and reasoning for our recommendations to empower you to make smart decisions from a position of knowledge, understanding and comfort.


At all times we will be completely transparent with you and have absolutely no hidden agendas.  This includes the specifics of our compensation.

Mutual Respect

We believe we are in a partnership with our clients. As such, we expect the same from you if you choose to work with us.

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